Discussion Guide for Networking

Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference

April 26 – 28, 2022


Welcome to Speed or Topical Networking! Once you enter the networking room, please introduce yourself with your name, pronouns, and institutional or organizational affiliation.


Please see the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference Code of Conduct. We expect participants to observe these community agreements:

  • Being present. 
  • Assume good intent, but recognize that intent is different from impact. 
  • Move up into speaking roles, move up into listening roles. 
  • Create space for multiple truths, but speak from our own experience. 
  • Share gratitude for feedback. 
  • Notice power dynamics and positionality. 


 Here are some discussion questions to get the conversation started:

  • Where did you go for your education? 
  • Why did you select the topic of this networking room?
  • What is your current area of focus? What excites you most about that? What challenges do you typically experience?
  • What are you looking forward to next in your career?
  • What connections are you hoping to make/find at this conference?
  • Are you presenting at this conference? If so, what is/was your talk or poster about?
  • Which presentations and/or posters stuck out for you? 
  • Which presentations or posters are you excited to see?
  • Have you attended SSEC in the past? How did you hear about SSEC?
  • Have you attended a Salish Sea Cafe? If so, which cafe and what were your key takeaways?


Supporting materials or resources:


Need to report an issue? 

  • For technical and facilitation issues, please utilize the “Live Support” button in the top right corner of the EventsAir portal to reach one of the conference hosts. You can use the live chat directly to let us know of any issues or questions if they arise. Other participants won’t be alerted to the live chat.
  • If you are in a room by yourself, you can either try exiting and re-entering the networking room, or you can visit the “Live Support” button at the top right of the EventsAir portal to reach one of the conference hosts.