K-12 Student Engagement

You and Your Students are Invited!

Watch the Films

It is with the intention of sharing the film-makers’ testimonials about our ancestors as well as their visions for future generations and to hear the new generations’ voices that the SSEC has launched this initiative: Your students are invited to watch the films about the Salish Sea Ecosystem that researchers have kindly made available for free. We want to inspire our youth and hear what they have to say!

We realize that educators within the area may appreciate this list of resources, which may help facilitate classroom discussions related to the local environment. To help guide your classroom discussions, conference organizers have develped this Film Discussion Guide for Educators

Submit Student Work

We also invite you to submit your student’s work inspired by these films by uploading it to the SSEC Dropbox (see instructions below). Students will be able to submit their work May 1-20 in four different categories: photo, drawing, short poem (max. 500 words) and short narrative (max. 500 words). This work will be showcased below for six (6) months after the conference (June 2022 – December 2022).


  1. Educators / Parents / Guardians: Complete the form using the link below
  2. Upon completion of the submssion form, follow upload instructions using the following naming format: School Name, State / Province / Tribal Affiliation, Student’s First and Last Insitials (no full names, please)
  3. Questions? Please email ssec@wwu.edu

Example Gallery

Drawing Submissions

XYZ Primary School

Example Image Gallery – Student Photo Submissions

XYZ Primary School, City, State/Province

Example Image Gallery – Poetry Submissions

ABC Primary School, City, State/Province

Example Image Gallery – Narrative Submissions

XYZ Primary School, City, State/Province

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