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April 26-28: The virtual Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference 2022 brings together over 2,000 scientists, knowledge holders, First Nations and tribal government representatives, resource managers, community and business leaders, and policy makers to share science and stories of the Salish Sea in a virtual space. It is the premier scientific research and policy gathering in the Pacific Northwest. Presentations and discussions at #SSEC2022 are a platform to build shared policies and practices to protect and restore the Salish Sea and its watersheds. Expected outcomes are improved scientific collaboration, data sharing and dynamic discussions on the state of the Salish Sea ecosystem, and collaborative action. The Conference is administered by Western Washington University’s Salish Sea Institute (SSI). 

SSEC2022 has been endorsed by the UN as an activity under the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, in recognition of the work to promote the link between knowledge and actions that address the major challenges facing the Salish Sea.

United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

The theme for the 2022 SSEC is Honoring our Ancestors: Visions for Future Generations and the Salish Sea. Tuesday morning will feature a Coast Salish Welcome. 

The Opening Plenary will be on Coast Salish Perspectives on the Last 150 years and the State of the Salish Sea featuring Patti Gobin, Tulalip Tribes, Dr Kathryn Sobocinski, Western Washington University, and Dr Isobel Pearsall, Pacific Salmon Foundation.

The three-day conference features over 70 traditional and panel sessions, including:   

    • Day 1: April 26 at 9:45am: What is environmental justice in the Salish Sea (panel)
    • Day 1: April 26 at 11:30am: Towards collaborative ecological governance in the Salish Sea (panel)
    • Day 1: April 26 at 11:30am and 1:30pm: Ethics in Southern Resident orca recovery (2 sessions)
    • Day 2: April 27 at 9:45am: Conservation through different ways of knowing (panel)
    • Day 2: April 27 at 11:30am: Social Science for the Salish Sea (panel)
    • Day 2: April 27 at 9:45am: Salmon management and marine survival 
    • Day 3: April 28 at 8:30am: Transboundary Coordination to Reduce Vessel Impacts on Southern Resident Killer Whales
    • Day 3: April 28 at 8:30am: Behavior Change Through Engagement and Outreach (session, multiple talks)

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SSEC Executive Committee Chair

Scott Redman 360-791-2879

Salish Sea Institute

Ginny Broadhurst, Director 360-325-3560

Ocean Decade

Rebecca Martone, Director of Ocean Decade Regional Collaborative Center for NE Pacific; 250-888-6818


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